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    A beautiful, unique piece of  decoration crafted with grey pearls and glass crystal many facet dazzling beads, exclusively hand crafted and designed for Sitara'S, .
    14 White Pearls studded stalks 14" to 12" long.(approx.)Each stalk has a many facet rainbow black glass crystal bead at tips, radiance to dazzle the viewer. So luminous, so shimmering, so mesmerizing....reflecting light at tips, sheer beauty that camera is unable to capture.
    Hundreds of ways to decorate this beautiful bunch in glass containers of different shapes, tall, shallow or bowls. You may add live, artificial flowers, leaves or add some natural dry branches to give a new astonishing look, each time you decorate this amazing bunch. Use the power of your imagination and surprise your friends with your creativity.
    You may create many bunches with this single big bunch with or without any addition of other material, flowers, branches or grasses. It's all up to you to decide how to decorate this magnificent piece, only one, as same designs are not repeated at Sitara's.
    A unique piece to decorate proudly and cherish for a long time. Buy it now and love it forever.
    This piece consists of only 12 stalks of various lengths of gray pearl beads, Vases shown are not included in this purchase.

    All sizes are approx. from half to an inch more or less than the given measurement.

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