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    Home Decor Decoration Novelties

    Hand Crafted Ideal Gift Pieces.

    #6095 Gray Pearl Decoration, Glass Plate 7.5 x 7.5" Natural Coral stand Silver Gray                        painted and Pearly stalks.

    #6096 Pair of Beaded Candle Holder for Tea Light Candles, inside glass holder dia 2.5" x                2.5" long.

    #6097 Golden Pearl Decoration, Pearly wires fixed on Natural Rock Golden painted with                  straws.

    #6098 Ceramic Milky Beads and Clear Glass Beads mounted on Natural Coral Rock.

    #6099 Milky White Ceramic Beads Decoration fixed on Natural Coral Rock

    #7000 Sovenier Ceramic Plate painted "Gone with the Wind"

    stock # 6095 - 7000

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