• Silk Scarf 4801xx Dupatta Chunni Wrap Shawl Shieno Sarees


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    Silk Scarf

    by nusha

    Pure Silk Scarf Stole.

    Size:  Width 22", Length 80"  

    Color: Natural silk (Whitish Ivory)

    Hand woven, hand hemmed, this silk scarf is a wonderful accessory, feel the lovely texture of pure silk. A perfect & unique gift for a loved one..

    This silk is so delicate that any jewelry could snag it. Needs extra pampered care.

    We do not guarantee 100% silk (not laboratory tested) but we collected it from the natural silk weavers. There could be a possibility of a few percent mixed synthetic with natural silk.

    All sizes are approx. from half to an inch more or less than the given measurement.

    Actual color may vary from the pictures slightly due to digital images.

    Stock # 2004801

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