• Shawl 5349 Pashmina Angora Kashmiri Synthetic Wool Blend Stole Wrap Shieno Saris


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    Synthetic Wool Stole Shawl

    by Mehrunnissa

    Contemporary extravagant Shawl. Light weight synthetic woolen shawl. Beauty and luxury are combined in this Mehrunnissa’s stunning shawl. Contemporary extravagant shawl for the stylish woman. 

    This is full size shawl; an ideal wear with traditional salwar kameez.

    Material:   Synthetic, Jacquard, Multi Color, Rhinestones

    #5347 Khaki Printed Jacquard, Rhinestones Width 29" Length 84"

    #5348 Green Printed Jacquard, Rhinestones Width 27" Length 88"

    #5349 Black Printed Jacquard, Rhinestones Width 29" Length 88"

    Dry clean is recommended.

    All sizes are approx. from half to an inch more or less than the given measurement.

    Actual color may vary from the pictures slightly due to digital images.

    Stock # 2005347 - 5349

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